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About Us

We know the importance of making your event a memorable experience. The Lucky Drinker Catering has an excellent reputation for high-quality, efficiency and reliability within the catering industry.


Proudly part of The Lucky Drinker Group, we provide everything you need to host a successful party including all the glassware, bar equipment, cocktails, ice and a mixologist.

The price quoted also includes the cleaning service, so you can focus on hosting, without worrying about the mess.

Our team of specialists comes from a hospitality background with a great understanding of the needs within this sector.
Its founder alone, Ciprian Zsraga, has been part of the hospitality industry for over 16 years and previous experiences include working in some of the most iconic places in the world, Artesian bar at The Langham and American Bar at The Savoy, both been recognised several times as “best bars in the world” by leading international authorities.


Get in touch and our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will help you turn your next event into a memorable experience!

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Leading specialist UK based that provides bar consultancy worldwide, which covers a wide range of services that will help you and your company to thrive and grow. Click here to visit us.

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Awards & Media

Image by Pylyp Sukhenko

Award-winning bartender releases cocktail book

Acclaimed bartender Ciprian Zsraga, has published a guide to making cocktails and properly equipping a bar, for...

Summer Cocktails

Top spirits and cocktail book launches

And as you’d expect from a veteran of some of the world’s best bars, Zsraga’s not afraid to geek out over drinks...

liquor pouring on clear shot glass_edited.png

Most Wanted Bartender: Ciprian Zsraga

Experience cocktails in new ways. I think that cocktails will not just take the form of a liquid but will also be a solid...

Image by Nikita Tikhomirov

Drink Styling with The Lucky Drinker

...demostrates the importance of making your drinks look as good as they taste. Leaving you with 3 key things to remember... 

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